~    Danielle Newnham, Startups vs. Agencies
~    John DeVore, New York Doesn’t Love You
~    How to Succeed Professionally By Helping Others
~    Kat Cole, Give and Take
~    danah boyd
~   It’s why I call my work family a family. (NYTimes)
~    Frank Chimero, This One’s For Me 
~    The grass is always greener, Silicon Valley’s Youth Problem
~    Lauren (Pseudonym), Portrait of a Porn Star [At Duke University]
~   Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil, Les Liasons Dangereuse
~   Amanda Marcotte
~    Emilie Shumway, on looking for a job as a millennial
~   Ben Horowitz, on Can Do vs. Can’t Do Culture
~   -Morticia Addams 
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