This new Skittles television campaign is ridiculous. Also, is this spot totally terrifying to anyone else?

Fast Talker. Jet Blue has a great new commercial. Too bad it rips off an 80’s FedEx Campaign

I am so nostalgic for the Nickelodeon slime.

Advertising Agency: Lemz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Peter de Lange
Art Director: Luiz Risi
Copywriter: Robin Stam
Photographer: Rene Bosch
Director: Michiel ten Horn
Interaction designer: Jeroen Bijl
Published: August 2010

I will always enjoy an  ad spot with solid art direction and the use of the word “awesomeness”.

Charles Barkley (one classy motherfucker) + Taco Bell (classiest of fast food establishments = One Commercial Explosion of Classiness

Well why can’t I ride a rollercoaster to work?

I really loved Bud Light’s “Swear Jar” but this piece with the clothing drive is just as amazingly funny.

This condom ad is kind of cute, or disturbing, I can’t make up my mind.

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